MFA Medical Group

About MFA

About MFA Medical Group

MFA was founded in 1989 by Drs. Ernst, Hughell, Johnston, Murphy, Philp, and Segerstrom. In the ensuing years, additional physicians continued to join the practice, and the practice has continued to grow since its inception. We are also affiliated with the Medical School at the University of California, Davis, and the majority of our physicians are therefore faculty members of the Medical School, and they teach resident physicians in the Family Practice Residency program at Mercy Medical Center Merced. We currently have 11 partner physicians. We employ many full-time and part-time physician employees, mid-level providers (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants), medical assistants, receptionists, billing clerks, and administrative staff. MFA has grown over the years because it recognized and met the needs of both the local community as well as our surrounding communities and our patients. Our fine reputation is based on a tradition of providing the highest quality medical care, as well as our substantial involvement in the teaching of resident physicians. We believe that maintaining these high standards and responding to the needs of our patients and medical residents will mean continued success and expansion of services in the future.

The Management Committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors is responsible for the operation of the organization. The Management Committee is made up of selected MFA Shareholders, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer. The Board of Directors is comprised of all of the physician partners, with the Chief Executive Officer acting as an ex-officio member. As in any organization with numerous employees with a wide range of skills and departmental duties, it is necessary to appoint levels of supervision and management. These managers and supervisors in turn are responsible to the: Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer, who are responsible to the Management Committee and ultimately to the Board of Directors. The delegation of authority and responsibility is necessary for the proper functioning of the departments. MFA reserves the right to change the organization structure at any time without notice.